Cohesion, Excellence, Solidarity, Tolerance, Pride, Team spirit, Openness to the world

Plurilingual Education

Learning the French language through a plurilingual, inter and pluricultural environment evolving around sciences, arts and sports


Dynamic Community

Create, energize and support the rituals of the school community throughout the year, highlighting talents and all the forms of intelligence of the students by addressing each of the families’ concerns.


High Level Partnerships

In connection with the AEFE and the diplomatic post, initiate and sustain high-level partnerships (in France, China, abroad): universities, large schools, companies …

Ensuring attentive listening and user demand

  • Organize a quality welcome for all services
  • Organize an attractive and coherent service offer
  • Engage responsive and transparent communication
  • Take into account the proposals of staff, parents and students

Creating the conditions for good living together and well-being in high school

  • Facilitate CVC & CVL initiatives / responsibilities
  • Improve the working conditions of the staff
  • Boost social dialogue with personal representatives
  • Invest in major IT equipment
  • Facilitate access to online resources for all
  • Improve internal communication
  • Strengthen the security of goods and people
  • Develop a sense of belonging (e.g. High School Party)
  • Create moments of conviviality between all personal

Promote an innovative and collaborative pedagogy

  • Organize highlights for projects (EPI, CESC, CVL …)
  • Strengthen the impetus role of the various councils (teachers’ council, CEC, educational council)
  • Guarantee quality continuing education
  • Improve the reception and follow-up of non / poorly French students
  • Make “tailor-made” in student monitoring
  • Organize peer tutoring / peer mediation
  • Strengthen the use of online digital resources (ENT)
  • Create and perpetuate a “Fab Lab”
  • Sustaining collaborations with Chinese & international schools
  • Boost sports competitions Beijing + zone Asia
  • Professionalize the human resources policy


  • Create updated communication materials
  • Develop partnerships with the diplomatic post
  • Participate / organize international forum on education
  • Create and sustain the alumni association
  • To perpetuate rituals (Science feast, Q.arts, party, …)
  • To perpetuate partnerships with international schools, large schools, universities Fr / Int., Companies …

School Boards & Committees

governing board

The governing board (CE) is the main body that regulates the affairs of the establishment. It is competent for the first and second degree.

The governing board is responsible for all matters relating to the educational and educational aspects of the school without replacing the direction of the Agency in the areas of their own.

school council

A school council is established in all schools which include first level education under the supervision of a school principal.

The school council adopts the rules of the school on the proposal of the school principal. This council is compulsorily consulted for advice on all matters relating to the functioning and life of the school.

health & safety committee

The missions of the CHS are to promote safety training for students and staff, to contribute to the improvement of hygiene and safety conditions in the establishment, to take an interest in the working conditions of the students. students and staff, to provide advice and make proposals to draw a report on the state of the school.