School Canteen

The school catering at the LFIP is more than 850 meals distributed every day! More than 95% of the children attending our school eat in the canteen.


The school catering service of LFIP is obliged to feed the students in good conditions of dietetics and hygiene. The menus, Western style, are balanced and varied. The meals offered daily by the French chef of Chartwells and his team are prepared and cooked on site, using primarily fresh produce.


Meals, convivial moment of life in community, are taken at the table at the school restaurant.

The nursery school has a dedicated dining room, with furniture adapted to the youngest. Meals are served at the table under the supervision of adults. Children are served and eat in their classrooms.

From CP, students use self-service and have free access to the salad bar. From the 4th, students can eat at the self-service or at the snack bar (offer salads, sandwiches, drinks, fruits and desserts).


For allergic children requiring emergency medical treatment in case of accidental ingestion, an Individualized Reception Project (PAI) must be set up, at the request of the family and in collaboration with the health service.


A commission is set up each year to evaluate and improve the service provided.

Registration is done automatically at the time of school registration or re-registration.


  • Kindergarteners * if they do not take the school bus are enrolled on 4 days (DP4) OR half boarders on 5 days (DP5) if they take the school bus.
  • Elementary students are, by default, registered as half-boarders on 4 days (DP4).
  • Middle and high school students are, by default, registered as half-boarders over 5 days (DP5).

* Pupils in the very youngest section will only be welcomed in the morning during the 2-week probationary period. Parents should make arrangements to pick up their child at 11:45 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays or 11:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. They do not have access to school transportation or to the canteen during these 2 weeks.


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