Open House

The Lycée Français International de Pékin offers families who are considering sending their children to the school the opportunity to participate in a virtual open house. We propose 2 sessions (of about 1.5 hours duration).


THURSDAY 13 May 2021 


We invite you to register via the link > Open Day

Please see below for registration details.

DATES 2021

If you have any questions about our school or the application process, please contact us:
Admissions Department:
Primary Director:
Deputy Principal (Secondary):

  • You will be able to : 

    – Watch our new virtual tour of the school to discover the various areas and facilities dedicated to educational, artistic and sporting activities;
    – Gain a better understanding of our educational offer, and in particular the content of our different language sections;
    – To see for yourself the working conditions of the students during the school year;
    – Familiarise yourself with the campus atmosphere.
    These virtual visits will be an opportunity for you to meet the members of the school’s management (Deputy Headmaster or Head of School, administrative team). They will be able to answer any questions you may have about how the Lycée operates, including enrolment, catering, school transport, cultural and sporting activities.


In order to register for one of the “Open Day” virtual visits, we invite you to fill in the questionnaire available on the link below. The information requested in the questionnaire will allow us to prepare your visit in the best possible way (name of the children to be educated and their age, desired language etc…).