LFIP reinforces its collaboration with 3e International School


On Friday, October 30th, the LFIP received the management of the 3e International School to talk about their respective communication strategies. It was also an opportunity to exchange on the pedagogical, artistic and sports projects to come in order to reinforce the integration of 3e International School within the LFIP.





Mr Gilbert Choy, CEO, Sunwah Foundation                           M. Michel Villegas, Proviseur du LFIP

Mr Gary Bradshaw, 3e Head of School                                     Mme Nathalie Maginot, Directrice d’école

Ms Hellen Wang, 3e Director of Finance                                 Mme Isabelle Anelone, Directrice Adm. et Financière

Ms Cicely He, 3e Director of Marketing                                   Mme Zhou Jie, Comptable

Ms  Joanne O’Connor, 3e Community Liaison