This year, LFIP hit hard for this terribly memorable day!💀👻

­The entire LFIP school community mobilized to make this day, celebrated on October 31, a magical autumnal interlude.

Children and adults were all dressed up for the occasion, here are some pictures…

Pumpkins in a mess, orange and black chromatic duo, evil witches, terrifying ghosts came to invade the halls, corridors and canteen of LFIP for a terrifying decoration.

Our little choir members in Maternelles, CP, CE1 and Ecole 3e International have pushed the voice, “not even afraid”!

Escapes games were organized in the classes of CP and CM2 for a greedy and playful treasure.

The 4th grade proposed readings and stagings of Maupassant’s short stories, all chilling…

Finally, volunteer parents, all dressed up for the occasion, took turns offering delicious Halloween treats, generously donated by ANDROS: compotes and candies for the great pleasure of young and old.

A huge thank you to all for your participation,