Kindergarden (3-5 years old)

LFIP kindergarten teaching enhances the development of the students’ personality and stimulates sensory, motor, cognitive as well as social development. It develops students “self-esteem” and esteem of others and helps children thrive emotionally. Through Kindergarten, we strive to grow, in each of our children, the desire and the pleasure of learning.  Kindergarten prepares children for basic learning in elementary school and teaches them the principles of life in society. The LFIP offers students a caring, safe, plural, fun and open to the world, which promotes self-confidence, trust of others and in the future. To carry out our mission, we provide students with:

  • A team of graduated and continuously trained teachers with significant teaching experience
  • Specific educational staff: one full-time assistant in each class
  • Quality infrastructure: adapted classrooms, rest rooms for the youngest, sports and recreational facilities (motricity room, outdoor playground), dedicated dining room and library


The training provided at our elementary school ensures the acquisition of the fundamental instruments of knowledge: fluency in the French language (oral, written and reading), and the key concepts of mathematics (calculation and problem solving).

The LFIP provide students with a caring, safe, fun and open to the world, which promotes self-confidence, as well as trust in others and in future. To carry out our mission, we serve students:

  • A team of graduate teachers who have significant teaching experience
  • A team of dedicated language teachers
  • Quality infrastructure: adapted classrooms, sports and recreational facilities (gymnasium, outdoor sports areas, playground), dining room and library.


The elementary school is organized into 5 levels of classes spread over two cycles:

  • Cycle 2 (Basic Learning ):
  • CP (preparatory course),
  • CE1 (elementary 1st year),
  • CE2 (elementary 2nd year)
  • Cycle 3 (consolidation cycle):
  • CM1 (middle year 1st year),
  • CM2 (middle year 2nd year),
  • Cycle 3 also includes the first year of secondary school (6th)

Parcours Avenir


  • Comprendre le monde économique et professionnel
  • Connaitre la diversité des métiers et des formations
  • Développer le sens de l’engagement et de l’initiative
  • Elaborer le projet d’orientation scolaire et professionnelle

Parcours Citoyen


Apprendre les valeurs de la république

  • Enseignement moral et civique
  • Education aux médias et a l’information
  • Participation des élèves a la vie sociale de l’établissement et de son environnement

Parcours d’éducation artistique et culturelle


Favoriser un égal accès a l’art et a la culture

  • Rencontre, fréquentation d’œuvre er d’artistes
  • Pratique individuelle et collective
  • Connaissances : repères culturels et esprit critique

Parcours éducatif de santé


Expliciter ce qui est offert au élèves en matière de santé :

  • Education pour des chois éclairés
  • Prévention sur des problématiques prioritaires
  • Protection dans l’établissement et l’environnement local

Primary school

Vanessa PETON, directrice de l’école primaire
Catherine HUANG, secrétariat de l’école primaire
Email : secretariatc[at]
Tel : +86 (10) 8474 7013