I want to thank you for the trust you place in us by entrusting your children to the French International High School in Beijing Charles De Gaulle. In return, all the educational teams of the school are mobilized to listen to you every day, showing responsibility, availability, reactivity and transparency in each of our decisions.

Indeed, we want to promote every day a welcome and learning the values ​​of our French school, inherited from the “Enlightenment”: tolerance, freedom, equality, solidarity, respect for human dignity, the critical sense. Our ambition is to strive for excellence for all students, a plurilingual and intercultural education that values ​​all forms of intelligence while respecting the learning pace of each: these are the fundamental objectives of the teaching agency. French abroad (AEFE).

Our greatest reward is to make you proud of your child because we will have succeeded in accompanying him or her with you to become a free, enlightened, well-educated young person who can decide his or her own choice of direction. ambitious higher education pursuits open to the world.



Three-quarters of our teachers are holders of the French Ministry of National Education or have more than 10 years of experience.
To always innovate, they benefit from a continuous training of quality. We encourage them to value talent and to take into account the
differences of each to promote elementary learning, the discovery of the world and language while developing the imagination and critical thinking of students.

Our Team


Pascal Colleu


Abdelhak FEKIH

Directeur Administratif et Financier



Vanessa PETON

Directrice de l’école primaire

Conseillère Principale d’Education