Below are the latest instructions from the Beijing authorities regarding the conditions under which returning to school is allowed.

Press release from the French Embassy in China


­ Ambassade de France en Chine
60, Tianze Lu – 100600 Pékin (Beijing)

北京市朝阳区天泽路60号 100600

Tél. (+86 10) 85 31 20 00 ­





To know...

Daily rules to follow in order to access LFIP

Each day, only children with a temperature of 37.2 or below are admitted to the school.
If your child’s temperature is higher than 37.2 when he/she enters the school or during the day, the LFIP Health Service will contact you immediately.
Your child’s temperature will be taken a second time during the day, every lunchtime before the meal in the school restaurant.
⚠️ General rules1/ The wearing of masks within the school is compulsory for all students from the first grade onwards. 2/ The Campus is asked to operate under closed management, access to the campus is restricted to students and staff until further notice.
In addition, the neighborhood committee of your home remains the privileged interlocutor between your home and your child’s school. We thank you for entering his or her contact information in EDUKA (in Chinese if possible). Responsible person’s form –> Current address.
­The admission to the school is conditional to the respect of all these measures.

­For further information, please contact the LFIP health service: