Below are the latest instructions from the Beijing authorities regarding travel and the conditions under which returning to Beijing and to school is allowed.

Press release from the French Embassy in China


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­Informations COVID “CECY”actualisées

March 2022

To all LFIP families and staff 

­⚠️ Below are the latest health conditions communicated by LFIP:
CECY is requesting an emergency survey of the entire school community if traveling to or receiving visitors from medium and high risk locations since 01/30/2022.
Affected individuals should contact their neighborhood committee and complete a PCR test within 72 hours of returning to Beijing and fill out an information table (email dated March 11, 2022).
At the request of the CECY, following the latest health measures received on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, students and staff are asked not to leave Beijing unless there is a compelling reason.
The directives of the CECY are the following:
1/ Students and staff, in case of inter-regional travel, even in low-risk areas, will have to comply with a 14-day home school eviction measure in Beijing.
2/ Students’ families and staffs with cohabitants (including visitors), traveling outside Beijing to a medium or high risk area only, should immediately inform their district committee and follow its health instructions.
3/ Students and staffs concerned by the first 2 points, should report the detailed information of their travels, by sending the table (email of March 11, 2022) to

In accordance with the Chinese authorities’ requests, LFIP must keep up to date the information on the inter-regional travels of our students and staff as well as their cohabitants, during the school year. You must inform us of these trips via your EDUKA account: Students and Parents Information –> Student Form (and/or Responsible Person Form)–> Travel.

­In addition, the neighborhood committee of your home remains the privileged interlocutor between your home and your child’s school. We thank you for entering his or her contact information in EDUKA (in Chinese if possible). Responsible person’s form –> Current address.

­For further information, please contact the LFIP health service:


After the start of the school year

Daily rules to follow in order to access LFIP

Each day, only children with a temperature of 37.2 or below are admitted to the school.
If your child’s temperature is higher than 37.2 when he/she enters the school or during the day, the LFIP Health Service will contact you immediately.
Your child’s temperature will be taken a second time during the day, every lunchtime before the meal in the school restaurant.
⚠️ Surgical masks must be worn on campus both outside and inside the buildings. Your child must come in each day with a spare mask.
­For each return from vacation, the documents listed below are required to be provided, when boarding the school bus or at the school gate.

“For all students and staff:

The green arrow of the mini-program, from the student or one of the two legal guardians, updated the day before the start of the school year
The Beijing Healthkit, of the student or of one of the two legal guardians, updated the day before school starts.


­­For students who have traveled during the vacations outside Beijing:
The result of a PCR test less than 48 hours old

If your child is enrolled in kindergarten, a PCR test result from one of the two legal guardians is required.

­The admission to the school is conditional to the respect of all these measures.