37 000 sqm total area
21 000 sqm of building
30% of greens areas

Modern & Welcoming Campus

In May 2016, our campus moved to an ultramodern facility designed to reflect the diversity of our educational offering. Our buildings are equipped with a fine particle filtration system to guarantee a clean air environment.

The campus is spread over a vast area and offers a complete set of facilities for education (science laboratories and a technology workshop equipped with sophisticated equipment), culture (art studios, music rooms, an auditorium and libraries) and sports (gymnasium, basketball court, dojo, football field, track & field facilities and roller blading).

The inviting atmosphere of the school cafeteria and the large green spaces offer our students an exceptional social environment.

 A Quality Environment

Design by Jacques Ferrier, architect of the French Pavillion at the Shanghai Universal Exposition World Expo, the LFIP building was inspired by the concepts of innovation, quality of life and sustainable development. With a built in centralized art ventilation and filtration system throughout the campus, the control of the air quality is at the top our priorities.


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Easy Access

Located in Laiguangying, an easy to access neighbourhood in the Chaoyang district of Beijing, the LFIP is just outside the 5th ring road, 1,5 km away from the Airport Expressway. School transport deserves all keys areas of the city, with 14 bus routes stopping at more than 50 residences. The campus is also located 3,5 km from the closest subway station (line 15 – Cuigezhuang).


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