From kindergarten through 12th grade, LFIP students will participate in physical and athletic activities as part of their Physical Education classes.

Throughout their education, each student will be able to engage in the class to develop the competencies of the common core by living varied motor, social and emotional experiences.
The contexts and activities used are of various kinds to educate students to act, adapt, reflect, cooperate and progress together: athletic activities, outdoor activities, artistic activities, collective and dual opposition activities, and in high school, activities to maintain and develop oneself.
Students will be able to prepare, train, and organize themselves individually and collectively to perform, move around in a natural environment, present themselves to an audience, and oppose and maintain themselves in the short, medium, and long term, while managing their safety and that of their environment.
Students affected by a partial or total disability, regardless of the duration, will be involved in the PE class, in the social roles of analysis and management of the physical activity of their peers.
In the same way, it will be elaborated with the families and the educational team, then proposed to the EBEP (Students with Special Educational Needs), an operation and expectations adapted to their temporary or durable capacities.
For those who want to get more involved, the Sports Association is open to all students, regardless of their physical level, who have a taste for sports.
The objective is to participate with pleasure in one or more sports activities and to seek to increase their competence and efficiency in those activities.

How to register to the AS?

To register your child please complete the attached document.

Registration forms to be given to PE teachers:

AS Office

For the EPS team.

Pons Cédric

Secretary of the LFIP sports association