French Excellence and a Global Mindset


French excellence and a global mindset are at the heart of our DNA. From kindergarten to terminale, we welcome more than 900 students from 50 different countries. We educate them with the aim of obtaining the French brevet and the baccalauréat diplomas. Our educational program is accredited by the French Ministry of National Education and our institution belongs to the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), a network of nearly 500 schools in more than 130 countries.

826 students
Middle School
High school
50 Nationalities
Asia, Oceania
74% Of Teachers

are accredited by the
French Ministry of National Education or have more than 10 years of experience.

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Demanding and Innovative Education

The key to our students’ success lies in the balance of learning, developing skills, personal growth and exposure to a multicultural environment. Three-quarters of our teachers are accredited by the French Ministry of National Education or have more than 10 years of experience. To promote innovative teaching methods, teachers benefit from an extensive continuing education program.

We encourage teachers to bring out every student’s talents, taking into account each one’s unique personality in order to create a favorable setting to learn, discover the world and language, while developing their imagination and critical thinking skills.

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Quality Services

We make every effort to ensure that students are studying in the best possible setting. The quality of teaching is enhanced by extracurricular cultural and sports activities and fueled by a nutritious and balanced diet offered by the cafeteria. The presence of two nurses also contributes to the well-being and health of students, while our buses provide safe transportation between home and school, serving more than 50 residential compounds.

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A Multilingual and Open-Minded Education

Language learning from an early age to instill a global mindset is one of our priorities. In addition to French as the main language of instruction, Chinese and English are taught starting at the age of four, followed by Spanish or German from the age of 12. Every student has the option of customizing their language learning experience through international sections in English and Chinese to prepare for the international option of the baccalauréat, or according to their higher education goals in France and abroad.

Our school is open to everyone, including students with little or no French language proficiency. We integrate each new student according to language level and needs in consultation with their parents and the teaching team. According to their individual syllabus, a child may benefit from anywhere between one to five hours of French as a second language class per week to accompany their regular class schedule.

Modern and Welcoming Campus

In May 2016, our establishment has been given a facelift to install in ultramodern and comfortable premises designed to reflect the diversity of our educational offer. To ensure good air quality, our buildings are equipped with a fine particle filtration system.

They are spread over a vast area and offer a complete set of educational facilities (science laboratories and technology workshop equipped with advanced equipment), cultural (art, music rooms, auditorium, research and documentation center) and sports (gymnasium, dojo, football field, tracks of athletics and skating etc.).

The conviviality of the school cafeteria and the expanse of green spaces offer our students an exceptional living environment.

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